20 Stunning Badass Hip Tattoos For Women (2024)

Table of Contents

  • Stunning Badass Hip Tattoos – For Women
    • 1) Snake Badass Hip Tattoos
    • 2) Leo Lion Hip Tattoo
    • 4) Badass Mandala Hip Tattoo
    • 5) Bird Badass Hip Tattoos
    • 6) Mini Bee Badass Hip Tattoo
    • 7) Phoenix Hip Tattoo
    • 8) Black Ink Rose Hip Tattoo
    • 9) Scorpio Hip Tattoo
    • 10) Wolf Badass Hip Tattoo
    • 11) Watercolor Badass Hip Tattoos
    • 12) Gypsy Badass Tattoo
    • 13) Horror Style Hip Tattoo
    • 14) Dragon Badass Hip Tattoo
    • 15) Kitsune Fox Hip Tattoo
    • 16) Amazing Jewelry Hip Tattoo
    • 17) Lettering Badass Hip Tattoos
    • 18) Peony Hip Tattoos
    • 19) Crow Badass Tattoo
    • 20) Harley Quinn Hip Tattoo
    • Female Tattoo Designs
    • Wrapping Up!

Hip tattoos have a long history of being attractive; many people get them as part of their body art. These days, badass hip tattoos are considered the most popular type of tattoo. Not only are they popular with men, but they’re also increasingly being done by women.

Hip tattoos are also known as “sleeves” or “butt” tattoos. These tattoos have even started to become quite fashionable. So, if you want something truly stunning, check out these 20 Stunning Badass Hip Tattoos.

Popular Culture & Badass Tattoo Meanings

In unique hip tattoo ideas, a picture often speaks louder than words. Most people get tattoos to show off the traits they already have or want to have as characters.

Nobody enjoys being weak. Everyone wants to be viewed as strong, especially when it comes to mental toughness. Getting a badass hip tattoo is an ideal approach to making such an impact. Tattoos that are truly offensive and frightening can command more respect than most things, especially when they aren’t said or done.

The media and popular culture have an impact on this as well. Most movies, TV shows, and comic books will illustrate situations where people are drawn to badass females who frequently save the weak while being as cool as possible.

In addition to being the silent, brooding kind, nearly every cool female has a variety of tattoos that show off her badass side. Women’s swaggering tattoos are becoming more and more popular worldwide.

Stunning Badass Hip Tattoos – For Women

1) Snake Badass Hip Tattoos

Snake tattoos look good on extended body parts like the arm, thighs, or armbands. They add movement and life to a tattoo and can also be worn on the hip. However, people don’t like to merely tattoo snakes on themselves for aesthetic purposes.

20 Stunning Badass Hip Tattoos For Women (1)

Snakes are a symbol of avarice and enticement in western culture. However, they are also adept predators. Therefore, snake tattoos on the hip are the ideal choice for someone who wishes to display their badasses subtly.

2) Leo Lion Hip Tattoo

In addition to ruling the jungle, lions signify strength and bravery. The fact that lions inspire so many tattoo designs is not surprising. On the hip thigh, a lion has been inked, and there are flowers along the length of the pattern. This tattoo is gorgeous and would look great on anyone.

20 Stunning Badass Hip Tattoos For Women (2)

3) Badass Hip Tattoo With Flowers & Skull

This following concept can be ideal if you’re searching for a sizzling hip tattoo! Here is a tattoo design that combines a skull and flowers. You may give flowery artwork an edgy appearance by including a skull. You can even use color to give any flower the appearance of being covered in skulls.

20 Stunning Badass Hip Tattoos For Women (3)

4) Badass Mandala Hip Tattoo

The following is a complex pattern. There is a flowery mandala tattooed on the hip with flowers all around it. To match your personal taste, any mandala pattern can include flowers. In either case, anyone would look good with a tattoo like this.

20 Stunning Badass Hip Tattoos For Women (4)

5) Bird Badass Hip Tattoos

When incorporated into badass tattoo ideas, birds appear lovely. We’ll show you a gorgeous bird hip tattoo next. It has a painted design and is inked on the front of the hip. People adore watercolor tattoos because they appear to be quite creative. Add flowers to the bird motif, as shown, for a lovely and sophisticated appearance.

20 Stunning Badass Hip Tattoos For Women (5)

6) Mini Bee Badass Hip Tattoo

Girls can wear bee tattoos because they are often petite. However, these small trinkets’ symbolic implications make them so beloved and well-liked.

20 Stunning Badass Hip Tattoos For Women (6)

Bees seek loyalty and order because they live in a community. Therefore, a bee tattoo may be considered a memorial to one’s ancestors. Additionally, it can convey the wearer’s basic virtues, such as diligence and self-control.

7) Phoenix Hip Tattoo

Another one of the popular badass tattoo ideas that represents a fresh start is the phoenix. A phoenix, like a butterfly, must endure scorching flames before emerging again. Thus, a phoenix tattoo symbolizes more than nirvana and a new beginning. It also acknowledges bravery and the suffering endured during transformation.

20 Stunning Badass Hip Tattoos For Women (7)

8) Black Ink Rose Hip Tattoo

Beautiful black ink roses are featured in our upcoming hip tattoo. A trio of roses starts on the hip and ends on the thigh. This tattoo design is classy and enticing and looks good on everyone. You can have a similar tattoo again, perhaps with fewer roses. possibly even include some color.

20 Stunning Badass Hip Tattoos For Women (8)

9) Scorpio Hip Tattoo

Scorpions are frequently used as a sign for those born under this zodiac. It displays the enigmatic and scary sides of the sign Scorpio as one of the badass tattoo ideas. Black ink is used in this tattoo, but you can also use red ink, which goes a step beyond. It enhances the tattoo’s aesthetic appeal.

20 Stunning Badass Hip Tattoos For Women (9)

Red ink, however, carries a higher risk of infection and allergies. So, if you’re considering getting a red ink tattoo, make sure you understand the consequences and contact a dermatologist first.

10) Wolf Badass Hip Tattoo

A wolf tattoo is a representation of strength, power, and defense. Symbolically, it represents your ability to overcome challenges and transform your life. Alternatively, the flowers stand in for the user’s feminine side.

20 Stunning Badass Hip Tattoos For Women (10)

They harmonize masculinity and femininity by working together. A strong woman driven to build her empire will wear this beautiful and powerful tattoo on her body.

11) Watercolor Badass Hip Tattoos

Watercolor tattoos are so cherished because they differ from traditional color tattoos. The lack of a barrier between the colors gives watercolor tattoos a natural fluidity that makes it appear like the colors are blending and flowing into one another.

20 Stunning Badass Hip Tattoos For Women (11)

12) Gypsy Badass Tattoo

Gypsies are known for being enigmatic and alluring, and this picture fits the bill. It’s one of the most stunning badass feminine hip tattoos, as well as one of the largest and most noticeable on the hip.

20 Stunning Badass Hip Tattoos For Women (12)

13) Horror Style Hip Tattoo

This stunning design exemplifies hip-thigh tattoos for females. On a lesser scale, these images may appear confused or even warped, but here, they can all stand out on their own and work in unison to produce a work of horrific art.

20 Stunning Badass Hip Tattoos For Women (13)

14) Dragon Badass Hip Tattoo

The popularity of dragon tattoos is well-founded. When properly executed, dragon tattoos, particularly Japanese ones, are extremely detailed and stunning. This delicate, intricate tattoo of an oriental dragon is done in fine lines. The side hip tattoo ideas, which also feature flowers, look great with feminine curves.

20 Stunning Badass Hip Tattoos For Women (14)

Moreover, if you want a tattoo, tell your tattooist where your dragon’s placement is, and they will come up with a design that is most suited for that area. Ideas for a dragon tattoo on the hip look great on both sexes.

15) Kitsune Fox Hip Tattoo

This neo-traditional Kitsune and floral design is ideal if you’re seeking creative designs for your badass tattoo ideas. The tattoo is very colorful and has strong lines.

20 Stunning Badass Hip Tattoos For Women (15)

Additionally, you can get a tattoo of any animal of your choice in this design, including mythical creatures. Just locate a tattoo artist specializing in this design and explain your preferences. You’ll have a fantastic tattoo that will undoubtedly catch people’s attention when you’re done.

16) Amazing Jewelry Hip Tattoo

This gemstone design is the one to choose if you’re seeking a detailed and badass tattoo on your hip. The jeweled design is one of the women’s most common badass hip tattoos. They come in different sizes and shapes.

20 Stunning Badass Hip Tattoos For Women (16)

This woman has a tattoo on her hip and thigh that features a jeweled, distinctive design. Intricate detailing and realistic designs make these tattoos extremely difficult to achieve. However, if you can find a tattooist who can make one of these designs, it will be among the most exquisite tattoos you have ever seen.

17) Lettering Badass Hip Tattoos

Those with a daring personality should get this tattoo. This tattoo design is ideal if you’re not afraid to express your wild side. This hip tattoo features huge writing and is powerful. It is still intricate and symmetrical. To do this tattoo flawlessly, locate a tattooist that specializes in writing. This is a hot tattoo that will undoubtedly draw attention to you.

20 Stunning Badass Hip Tattoos For Women (17)

18) Peony Hip Tattoos

An excellent design for the butt tattoo is a peony. At the same time, it is both substantial and delicate. It looks good as front hip tattoos.

20 Stunning Badass Hip Tattoos For Women (18)

In the civilizations of China and Japan, where it is known as the “King of Flowers,” is seen as bringing good fortune. It represents enduring love and is linked to masculinity, grace, health, and honor. You can also communicate your ideas by incorporating other colors or motifs with peonies.

19) Crow Badass Tattoo

We’re not exactly sure what this is or what it’s trying to express. But it’s all right. Even so, it’s one of the badass hip tattoos for women in a fantastic, cool, and amazing way. The meaning of this crow tattoo is unknown. Sometimes understanding is not necessary, and not knowing doesn’t make anything any less awesome. It makes things worse. Is it true or false?

20 Stunning Badass Hip Tattoos For Women (19)

20) Harley Quinn Hip Tattoo

A popular stereotype of a badass woman is Harley Quinn, the alter ego of the Joker. This pattern, in our opinion, is more stunning than others. There are countless explanations for it. The color selections are incredible; they stretch on a woman’s hip, and they are not just a copy of their original appearance!

20 Stunning Badass Hip Tattoos For Women (20)

Female Tattoo Designs

  1. Thin Line: This design employs incredibly tiny, feminine strokes as inner hip tattoos. Simple and small tattoos are done using this method.
  2. Tribal Style: You can transform any symbol into a tattoo in the tribal style, which is always done in black with intricate patterns. Despite the numerous other tribal fashions, Polynesian is unquestionably the most prominent.
  3. Watercolor Art: This in-vogue design gives the appearance of blending brushstrokes. It’s cool but expensive and time-consuming.
  4. Dotwork Style: This is a fresh look that is gaining acceptance. It takes time and requires stippling with just one needle. The ink used for dotwork tattoos is typically black or gray.
  5. Neo-Traditional Style: This look combines bold, vibrant colors with strong black outlines. The tattoos nearly have a cartoon or graffiti appearance.

Wrapping Up!

We hope you enjoyed this roundup of 20 badass hip tattoos for women. We want to hear from you! Tell us your favorite tattoo in the comment section below, or let us know if you would ever get a tattoo like this, or any other kind of tattoo, for that matter!

20 Stunning Badass Hip Tattoos For Women (2024)


What do you wear for a high hip tattoo? ›

Jogging bottoms, a long, floaty skirt, loose dress or stretchy trousers would work well for a hip tattoo. This is because you can move them out of the way for the sitting, and not have them tightly fitting for when you leave.

Why do women get hip tattoos? ›

It's a sexy and feminine placement: The hip is a sensual area of the body, and a tattoo there can enhance your curves and add to your overall sex appeal. It's a discreet placement: If you're not ready to show off your tattoo to the world, the hip is a great place to get inked because it's easily covered by clothing.

Where is the best place to tattoo an older woman? ›

Choose a place with more cushion, less bone and more fat or muscle. Examples of these places include the outer arm, outer thigh and calf muscle. Avoid areas that are seldom exposed and areas with thin skin, like your hands and feet, in order to help bypass any extra pain.

What is the best place to put a tattoo for a woman? ›

As for tattoo locations, the most common ones are on the shoulders, neck, ankles, wrists, behind ears, fingers, back, waist, and hips. However, you can get a tattoo anywhere. It all depends on whether you want to hide it in public or want people to see your tattoo on your body regularly.

Do guys find hip tattoos attractive? ›

For those interested in men, prime real estate for a tattoo was the upper arm at a 3.8. The upper back and shoulder were not far behind, receiving 3.5 and 3.4 ratings, respectively. Those attracted to women saw a three-way tie between the upper back, shoulder and hips (with a 3.3 rating).

How painful is a hip tattoo? ›

Hips. Because your hip bones lie just below your skin, getting hip tattoos can cause severe pain. This is especially true if you are very thin and have less fat around your hips to cushion your hip bones.

Are hip tattoos painful for females? ›

Tattoo pain for females is often more intense in the breast and stomach regions than it is for males. However, tattoos done on the back, hip or groin area rank higher on the pain scale for males than for females.

Do hip tattoos hurt more? ›

Your armpit, lower back, shins, collarbone, inner bicep, rib cage, hip bone, knee, and elbow are all sensitive areas that will likely be higher on the tattoo pain chart. These painful areas aren't good places to start if you've never gotten a tattoo.

Are hip tattoos a good idea? ›

They're a great placement option for when you want something you can conceal but that you can also show a peak of with, say, a high-slit dress. Plus, with summer approaching, it's the perfect ink spot to showcase while lounging poolside.

Where not to get a tattoo as a woman? ›

The most painful places for women will be areas with more nerve endings like your nipples or breasts including between your breasts. If you're planning a sternum tattoo this can also be a painful spot, same as your ribs. You may want to opt for hand poke tattoos here as many people say they're more gentle.

Where do tattoos look the coolest? ›

The back offers a large area for stunning motifs that can be viewed from all angles. For those looking for a more discreet option, the wrist, ankle or behind the ear are good choices. These areas are smaller and offer a more subtle way to express yourself with ink.

What is the most popular female tattoo? ›

1, Butterfly Tattoo

The butterfly is also a beautiful but short-lived creature, and many people choose to get a butterfly tattoo to remember their departed family or friends.

What is a classy tattoo? ›

The criteria for a tattoo to be deemed “classy” is highly subjective. However, there are styles that are more aesthetically pleasing to even the most highfalutin eye. You will want an artist that specializes in black and grey styles, and/or a tattooist with a penchant for clean minimalist lines.

What is the most flattering tattoo placement? ›

Some classic spots are behind the ear, sternum, and joint areas such as the wrist, ankle, and hip." Her personal favorite spots for smaller tattoos that flow well are "anywhere on the arms, the side of the neck, the top of the foot, the upper butt bordering the hip, above the knee, and upper hamstrings."

Where is the most secret place to get a tattoo? ›

Key Takeaways:
  • A hidden tattoo can be a fun secret or purposely placed to be hidden for work.
  • Some great spots for hidden tattoos are the chest, back of the neck, lip, and more.
  • Tickly or sensitive areas like the bottom of your feet, or armpits, are great for hiding ink but may not be the most comfortable option.

Do above the hip tattoos hurt? ›

Hip tattoos have a fairly high pain level because they are done over your hip bones and an area covered with nerve endings.

Can you wear jeans after getting a hip tattoo? ›

For both, ladies and gentlemen, avoid wearing jeans and pants (with tight waistband), for tattoos placed on hips, gluteus area, thighs, intimate area, lower abdomen, lower or middle back. To avoid putting pressure and restricting airflow, avoid tight-fitting jeans and pants. The same goes for leggings and skinny jeans.

When can you wear jeans after hip tattoo? ›

During the first two weeks of healing, you should avoid wearing anything tight. Think of it like having a scrape or burn—you wouldn't want clothing to be rubbing against it all day.

What do I need to know before getting a hip tattoo? ›

  • Be hydrated. Hydration is important all of the time, of course. ...
  • Prepare your skin. Speaking of avoiding flakey skin, implementing a good skincare routine is also important in the lead up to your tattoo. ...
  • Get a good night's sleep. ...
  • Eat a balanced meal beforehand. ...
  • Bring snacks. ...
  • Wear comfortable clothing.
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