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Can't recommend this spot enough, reasonably priced and a quality cut. Adalberto is an amazing barber.

Santiago and his staff of barbers are the best. They work with appointments and walk-ins.

Si buscas un barbero responsable, en un ambiente familiar, no dudes llamarle. Han sido nuestros barberos familiares por mas de 12 años, no los cambiamos por nada!

I have been going to Santi for years. He does a great job. I had my beard trimmed and shaped up, and my head shaved. I’ve gotten many compliments on how great my look is. This barbershop is clean, professional, and friendly.

First time getting a haircut away from home and so glad i found this Dominican barber shop. Dis not have to wait and for someone whose never cut my hair before i think he did a great job. Patient and good hands!!

Santiago has been cutting my hair for years and I couldn't image going anywhere else. The shop looks great too.

Took my son to another shop just 2 days short of his 1st birthday and that barber messed my baby’s hair up so bad! It was absolutely hideous. I googled another barber shop near by and found New Style. I took my son here and was so amazed with how well my son did and how kind the barber Santiago was as well. My son is now 3 and we still take him here. All the guys are very nice and professional. They take their time with you. I’m very happy I found this place. I recommend 100%.

All the barbers there are very profesional, friendly and they know what they are doin. Also has good environment.

Quick Facts About Dominican Barber New Style

Strengths:1. Reasonably priced: Customers appreciate the fact that the Dominican Barber New Style place offers quality haircuts at affordable prices. This makes it accessible to a wider range of customers and ensures that they get their money's worth.2. Quality cuts: The comments consistently mention the quality of the haircuts provided by the barbers at this place. This indicates that they have the skills and expertise to deliver satisfactory results to their customers.3. Appointment and walk-in options: The flexibility of booking appointments or walking in without prior scheduling is appreciated by customers. This allows them to cater to both planned visits and spontaneous haircuts.4. Clean and professional environment: The cleanliness and professional atmosphere of the barbershop is mentioned positively by customers. This creates a pleasant experience and adds to the overall satisfaction of the customers.5. Friendly and patient barbers: The comments highlight the friendliness and patience of the barbers at Dominican Barber New Style place. This helps in creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for customers, making them more likely to return.6. Barbers with expertise in different styles: Customers mention that the barbers know what they are doing and are skilled in various haircut styles. This indicates that the barbers have a diverse range of skills and can cater to different customer preferences.

Weaknesses:1. Limited availability: While the option to book appointments is mentioned as a strength, it could also be seen as a weakness if the barbershop has limited availability. This could result in longer waiting times or difficulty in securing a appointment, potentially leading to customer dissatisfaction.2. Language barriers: One comment is written in Spanish, which suggests that the barbershop may primarily cater to Spanish-speaking customers. This could limit the customer base and make it less accessible to non-Spanish speakers.3. Lack of information on additional services: The comments do not provide information on whether the barbershop offers additional services such as beard trims or styling. This could be a weakness if customers are looking for a comprehensive grooming experience.4. Limited customer testimonials: While the comments are generally positive, there is a limited number of customer testimonials provided. This makes it difficult to gauge the overall customer satisfaction and reliability of the barbershop.5. Lack of online presence: There is no mention of the barbershop having an online presence or website. This could make it difficult for potential customers to find information about the services provided, operating hours, or contact details.6. Potential inconsistency in service quality: While the majority of comments praise the service quality, there is no mention of whether the barbers provide consistent results. This could be a weakness if customers experience varying levels of satisfaction depending on the day or barber they visit.

In conclusion, Dominican Barber New Style place has several strengths, including affordability, quality cuts, flexibility in appointments, a clean and professional environment, friendly barbers, and expertise in different styles. However, there are also some potential weaknesses, such as limited availability, possible language barriers, lack of information on additional services, limited customer testimonials, lack of online presence, and potential inconsistency in service quality. Overall, it seems that the strengths outweigh the weaknesses, but improvements could be made in areas such as communication, online presence, and ensuring consistent service quality.

Dominican Barber New Style - Locations from All Over the World (2024)
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