How to Get a ProtonVPN Free Trial in 2024? (7-Day & 30-Day) (2024)

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The Swiss VPN provider, ProtonVPN, offers a free version with some excellent features. But did you know that you can use this ProtonVPN free trial for as long as you want?!

The ProtonVPN free trial allows connections to three server locations, top-level security and speeds, and access to ProtonMail. So, it’s a fairly comprehensive plan, although not as packed with features as the paid plans.

Want to find out how to get it and what you can get from the free plan?

Keep reading this article!

Activate ProtonVPN Free Trial

How to Get a ProtonVPN Free Trial?

Strictly speaking, ProtonVPN’s free version is not a traditional free trial VPN service. Instead, it’s a version of the VPN service provided for free. Thus, it offers a limited number of the VPN provider’s features.

Fortunately, it’s available on Windows, macOS, Chromebook, Android, iOS, and Linux.

This is how you can get ProtonVPN for free for any of these devices:

  1. Go to the ProtonVPN website.

How to Get a ProtonVPN Free Trial in 2024? (7-Day & 30-Day) (1)

  1. Scroll down to “Features” and click “Free VPN.”

How to Get a ProtonVPN Free Trial in 2024? (7-Day & 30-Day) (2)

  1. Click “Get Proton VPN Free.”

How to Get a ProtonVPN Free Trial in 2024? (7-Day & 30-Day) (3)

  1. Enter the required data and click “Create account.”

  1. Click “Continue with Free.”

How to Get a ProtonVPN Free Trial in 2024? (7-Day & 30-Day) (5)

  1. Download your ProtonVPN application for your device, and you’re all set!

What Can You Get in the ProtonVPN Free Version?

How to Get a ProtonVPN Free Trial in 2024? (7-Day & 30-Day) (6)

Server access USA The Netherlands Japan
Quick Connect tool Yes
Data & bandwidth allowance Uncapped
Time limit None

Baseline speed: Ping 11 ms, Download 71.6 Mbps, Upload 20.5 Mbps

When connected to ProtonVPN’s Dutch server & Boosted by VPN Accelerator: Ping 16 ms, Download 69.6 Mbps, Upload 19.6 Mbps

Split tunneling Yes
Simultaneous connections One, but you can download ProtonVPN on an unlimited number of devices
ProtonMail Yes
Kill Switch Yes
Encryption AES-256 bit
DNS leaks Protection enabled

I tested ProtonVPN’s free version with over a Dutch server to see whether the security claims were valid. I’m happy to confirm that a Dutch IP was showing.

Since I’m not in the Netherlands, ProtonVPN is indeed hiding my actual IP address.

How to Get a ProtonVPN Free Trial in 2024? (7-Day & 30-Day) (7)

Unfortunately, the free ProtonVPN doesn’t unblock Netflix and other streaming services nor allows torrenting.

However, you can try ProtonVPN’s paid plans for these features risk-free.

Grab these fantastic ProtonVPN discounts to get a 30-day money-back guarantee!

ProtonVPN Money-Back Guarantee

In addition to the free version, ProtonVPN offers paid plans with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Here’s what it covers.

What’s Included in the ProtonVPN Money-Back Guarantee?

How to Get a ProtonVPN Free Trial in 2024? (7-Day & 30-Day) (8)

ProtonVPN allows you to cancel the paid plans within 30 days of purchase.

However, you’ll only receive a refund for the portion of the 30 days left on the service.

So, if you cancel on day 10 of your purchase, you’ll be refunded a prorated amount for the 20 remaining days.

The money-back-guarantee is available on all ProtonVPN’s paid plans.

During this period, you get access to premium features:

  • 10 simultaneous connections
  • A library of over 1800 servers in 64 countries
  • Unblocking Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and other streaming services
  • Ad-blocker (NetShield)
  • P2P file sharing/torrenting support
  • Tor over VPN
  • Multihop (via Secure Core servers)

Want to try out all these ProtonVPN features risk-free? Click here to grab our fantastic discount offers!

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You can use ProtonVPN’s free version across Japan, the Netherlands, and the United States. The ProtonVPN servers located in these three countries are available on any device on which you’ve enabled the VPN service.

Yes, the free version of ProtonVPN is free forever. You can download it on all your devices, and it’ll be accessible for as long as you need. However, you can only connect one device to ProtonVPN’s free version simultaneously.

ProtonVPN doesn’t offer a 7-day free trial on mobile or PC platforms.

However, you can try out the free version’s features for an unlimited period.

You can also take advantage of ProtonVPN’s 30-day money-back guarantee to test the VPN relatively risk-free before committing to a paid plan.


You can get the ProtonVPN free trial – or, more accurately, its free version – for an unlimited time. That means you enjoy the security and privacy it provides on all your devices without worrying about a countdown to payment.

But if you want to stream Netflix content, download torrent files, get more servers and enjoy torrent support, you’ll need to switch to the paid plan.

Want to try more of ProtonVPN’s features? Click here to grab our fantastic ProtonVPN discount offer today!

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How to Get a ProtonVPN Free Trial in 2024? (7-Day & 30-Day) (2024)
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