Konstantin Meleounis (2024)

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Konstantin Meleounis
Konstantin Meleounis (1)
Days Of Our Lives
PortrayedbyJohn Kapelos
Current statusFormer; recurring
First appearanceApril 10, 2023
Last appearanceJune 10, 2024
Cause/reasonDied of a gunshot wound by Xander Kiriakis.
CreatedbyRon Carlivati
IntroducedbyKen Corday and Albert Alarr
DiedJune 10, 2024
Cause of deathGunshot wound to the back and chest.
OccupationRestaurant Owner
ResidenceSalem, Illinois (formerly)
SpousesUnnamed wife (divorced)
RomancesMaggie Horton Kiriakis (flirtation/kissed)

Konstantin Meleounis is a fictional character from the soap opera, Days of Our Lives, portrayed by John Kapleos since April 10, 2023.


Konstantin Meleounis is a native Greek who owns a restaurant in Victor's hometown and was a friend of his. According to Konstantin, his father lent Victor the money to start his business called TITAN. However, their relationship fell apart and they fought over territory in Greece. Victor decided to send him a message. Konstantin had a villa in his hometown of Aria, and at some point had encountered John Black when he was known as the Pawn. Konstantin was only supposed to be beaten, but John shot his daughter, Catherina and she died while Steve Johnson, The Pawn's handler, stood and watched. Konstantin swore he'd make The Pawn pay for her death. His wife, saddened by the way Catherina died, eventually divorced him.


Konstantin is introduced in April of 2023 when he assumes Harris Michaels is still a wanted criminal and tries to attack him. Hope Brady manages to clear the situation and Harris assures him that he is no longer a threat. Later, Konstantin provides them dinner and a dance in return.

Months later, he met with Victor's grandson Brady Black and great-nephew Alex Kiriakis, who wanted to know why Victor had destroyed his will three days prior to his death. Konstantin also revealed that Victor had letters in his childhood home. Brady and Alex asked to see these letters, and Konstantin took them to Victor's old home, but the letters were gone.

In October, Konstantin traveled to Salem to meet Victor's widow Maggie Horton Kiriakis. He brought with him a photo album of him and Victor as children to show Maggie who was grateful. She let Konstantin stay at the mansion where he met other members of the family like Maggie's daughter Sarah Horton and Victor's nephew Justin Kiriakis.

However, Konstantin was revealed to be working with Theresa Donovan, who he met in Greece just after she opened Victor's briefcase. Konstantin expected that Victor would leave him something in his will, and was enraged to find out he was in the will. Konstantin believed he was owed something because his father had given Victor the money to start TITAN.

Victor had left half of his estate to Maggie and the other half to his secret son who turned out to be his previously assumed nephew Xander Kiriakis. Both Theresa and Konstantin hated Xander and were furious that he would be a co-heir to Victor's estate. Theresa came up with the idea to change Xander's name to Alex's since their full names Alexandros and Alexander were similar. She then forged Anjelica Deveraux's signature to make it look like Alex was Victor's son, and they formed a partnership. He later decides to romance Maggie in order to take her full share of the estate away from her as opposed to only a piece of it as a way to avenge himself against Victor.

Over the next several months, he courts and charms Maggie. When people like Steve Johnson and John Black began to question his motives and Maggie believing it was time for him to leave, he coerces Theresa to help him kidnap Sarah's daughter, Victoria Kiriakis, so as to look like he saved her from people who would want to ransom the baby because due being Victor's family. When Steve begins to unravel his con, Konstantin manages to convince Maggie that its was his fault due to his connection to the Greek mafia and an inability to pay back old debts. Maggie is convinced enough and give him the money he needs to settle it. Steve however, is not convinced again. He and John kidnap Konstantin in order to threaten him to leave Salem. During the confrontation, he notices the look in John's eyes and soon recognizes him as The Pawn.

To confirm his suspicions, he demands that Steve tell him who and where The Pawn is as well as relating a story of how he is from a town called Aria and that Steve was there once too. Angered, Steve grabs him by shirt and demands once more to leave Salem until Maggie arrives and berates Steve for his behavior and insisting she can take care of herself. Steve walks away and Konstantin is convinced of John's identity.

After a failed dinner date with Maggie, Sarah and Xander, he meets John in the park where he prepares the card that many men have used to brainwash John into The Pawn. He awakens The Pawn and intends to use John for his own plans. He feigns forgiveness to John after John considers turning himself in for Catherina's murder in order to both impress Maggie and keep John in Salem. When his green is about to expire, Konstantin hastens his plan into motion. First, once Maggie agreed to marry him, in name only, to keep in in the country permanently, Konstantin ordered him to destroy Maggie's pre-nup agreement, not knowing that John figured something was wrong. After Marlena deprogrammed him as The Pawn, John and Steve switched the original pre-nup with a fake.

At the wedding, Maggie sets her own plan in motion to expose Konstantin by making it look like he embezzled her money through TITAN. Konstantin ordered John to kill Maggie after they finish their vows, but John reveals that he's no longer under his control and the crook is forced to confess to his crimes, including arranging Victoria's kidnapping. But, he claimed to have still gotten revenge on Victor as he revealed that he was the one who sabotaged Victor's plane, sending him to his death.


Konstantin Meleounis (2024)
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