Soundcore Motion X600 Vs Soundcore Motion X500 — GYMCADDY (2024)

So both the Soundcore Motion X600 and Soundcore Motion X500 sound very spacious thanks to their upwards firing driver. And overall both of these speakers are good and they’re very elegant. But today we’re going to break down the differences between these two speakers and see which one is right for you cause they’re very similar to one another.

Regarding pricing, the Soundcore Motion X600 has a retail price of $200 but this speaker likes to go on sale for $150 from time to time. And then theres the Soundcore Motion X500 which has a retail price of $170, but it likes to go on sale for $130. Nonetheless, both of these speakers are good and if you want to pick either of these two speakers up they’ll be linked down below, or you can always press on the YouTube shopping button.

Now first, theres the design of these speakers, and well, both of these speakers are very similar to one another. Both of these speakers are relatively thin but the X500 has a smaller footprint but they it is a little taller. But besides that, both of these speakers have their built in carrying handles so they’re very easy to take on the go with you, they both have IPX7 ratings meaning that water isn’t a problem for either of these two speakers and both of these speaker have a mostly metal body which I feel looks very elegant. But personally I wouldn’t take either of these two speakers on the go with me to the beach or into the woods cause I would hate to get their metal bodies scratched.

Now when it comes to tech specs, both of these speakers have the same advertised battery life of 12 hours, however these advertised battery lives of 12 hours is with these speakers playing at 50% volume and while they are using their stock EQ’s. But real world use with both of these speakers playing at 80% volume, they’re going to be good for about 6 hours of playback time.

Now 6 hours of playback time on these speakers is good… and given the X500’s size and output, id say that its battery life is decent. However, with the Motion X600, given this speaker’s larger size, I wish that it had a larger built in battery so that it could have a longer lasting battery. And this way, if you’re trying to choose between X500 and X600, if the X600 had a longer lasting battery, it would be more compelling to upgrade to the X600.

Now when it comes to charging these speakers, both of these speakers charge via a USB C port as they should… however, the X600 also has an audio jack, where as the X500 doesn’t. So with the X600, you can use it with a wired connection if you want. So depending on your set up, you’ll might want to go with the X600 over the X500.

But when it comes to bluetooth connectivity, both the X500 and X600 are using bluetooth 5.3, but more importantly it can be connected to two devices at the same time so that you and a friend can both be DJ. But when it comes to audio codecs, this speaker has support for SBC and AAC, very standard, but this speaker also has support for LDAC, which is Sony’s high res audio codec. Which means you’re going to get more detail in your music. Just keep in mind that if you want to take advantage of LDAC you do have to be an android user because iPhones top out at AAC.

But with all of that out of the way, lets talk about sound. Regarding speaker set ups, both the X600 and X500 have upwards firing drivers which help these speakers sound very open. They both also have dual frontward firing drivers and they both have dual passive radiators that shoot out the front and back… but what the X600 has over the X500 is that is also has a pair of dual frontward firing tweeters. Now what these tweeters do is that it helps the X600 have better instrument separation cause the highs are going to sound more detailed and the mids are going to sound more detailed as well cause the mid range drivers dont have too worry about the highs. Where as with the X500, since it doesn’t have tweeters, its drivers have to put out both the mids and highs. But now we’re going to jump into the soundtest, both of these speakers are playing at 87% volume and they are both using their Signature EQ’s.

Sound Test

So first off, both of these speakers sound good and they both sound very open thanks to their upwards firing drivers. However, these speakers do have noticeable performance differences. First off when it comes to max volume performance, the X500 is a 40 watt speaker and the X600 is a 50 watt speaker. Meaning that both of these speakers get decently loud for their size, but the X600 does get a little louder than the X500. But max volume aside, the X600 also sounds more open than the X500 thanks to the additional tweeters which allows the X600 to pass off the highs to the tweeters and the mid range drivers can focus on the mids, where as since the X500 doesn’t have tweeters, its mid range drivers have to produce both the mids and highs… so the X500 sounds a little narrow when compared to the X600. Overall when it comes to choosing between the X500 and X600, you’re basically having to decide if you want more detail and more volume. Personally I would go for the X600 cause it does sound more open, but I feel your more casual user is going to be just as happy with the X500 even though it might not sound as open.

But finally, lets talk about pairing these speakers up with other speakers. Now with both of these speakers, if you have two of the same speakers, you’ll be able to wirelessly pair them up and get them to play in left and right stereo mode. So your music is going to get louder but its also going to sound more open cause you’ll have one speaker for your left channel and another speaker for your right channel.

However, you can only pair two of the same speakers together, you cant mix and match speakers. So for example, you can’t pair of Motion X600 up to a motion X500 like I have here.

But with all of that being said, both the Soundcore Motion X600 and Soundcore Motion X500 are very elegant looking speakers and they both sound fairly open thanks to their additional upwards firing driver. However if you ware trying to choose between the Motion X500 and Motion X600, the difference here is very nuanced. From a performance standpoint the X600 gets a little louder cause its a 50 watt speakers versus a 40 watt speaker… and the X600 sounds a little more open cause it has those additional tweeters which helps give it more details in the highs. And the X600 also has an audio jack if you want to use it with a wired connection. Personally, I think what the X600 really needs is a larger battery.

Soundcore Motion X600 Vs Soundcore Motion X500 — GYMCADDY (2024)
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