Your Full Guide to Work Remotely From Mexico - Tricks and Trips (2024)

Working from abroad has become easier with the growing popularity of remote jobs and online work. Working in Mexico, for example, is easy, assuming you have one or more jobs online that allow you to work outside your home country.

Mexico is one of the most visited countries in America and one of the most popular tourist destinations you can work in. It may also be a great option for US and European citizens as getting a visa is easy; most tourists can stay up to 180 days consecutively without interruption.

Apart from that, Mexico is very close to the States, making it a great place to go if you have close family ties or personal relationships back home.

But what is it like to work remotely in Mexico as a digital nomad compared to other countries? And where are the best places to work?

This is your full guide to work remotely in Mexico from knowing about visas, health insurance, and more, no matter your job and where you want to stay.

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In a Nutshell: The Best Places for Working in Mexico

Mexico is a great place to work for digital nomads with many opportunities available. The country has seen a lot of economic growth, especially in the tourism industry, in recent years and this mirrors the infrastructure.

From fast internet to coworking spaces and cool places to hang out, these are the best places to work in Mexico:

  • Tulum
  • Mexico City
  • Oaxaca City
  • Playa del Carmen

On top of that, Baja is a great alternative to these fantastic cities above and a popular way to be a digital nomad in Mexico is camping in Baja. If you’re into camping, then that’s definitely a great idea you should consider.

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Best Months to Travel to Mexico

The driest season in Mexico is between December and April when there is practically no rain. The coldest months are between December and February, although temperatures may reach 28°C during the dry season. From May to October, the rainy season begins in the south and lasts until October.

Temporary Resident Visa to Work Remotely From Mexico

Although Mexico does not have a distinct remote working visa, it does allow foreign citizens to enter the country on a six-month visa and has minimal temporary residency criteria.

Those who want to stay more than six months will need to fill in an application form and get a temporary residence visa at the local immigration office. If you fall in love with life in Mexico, getting started there as a resident is easy.

That being said, officially, working in Mexico on a tourist visa instead of a permanent resident visa – whether you’re a freelancer working online or a remote employee, is officially not allowed, but you’ll want to check out your visa options before traveling.

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Can a US Employee Work Remotely from Mexico?

As a US citizen,you can work for a US company and live abroad as long as you comply with local visa regulations. An American citizen will continue to pay taxes in the US as usual.

As long as you are in good standing with your employer, remote work from abroad and outside your home country should be possible for US citizens.

Travel Insurance For Mexico

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Working Remotely in Mexico City (CDMX)

Working remotely in Mexico City is a great option for those who want to experience the culture and still be able to work. Mexico’s capital is the perfect destination for anyone looking to escape winter and experience a new culture with delicious food.

Mexico City is a bustling metropolis with to-die-for food, gorgeous architecture, and so much culture. It’s home to some of the best nightlife in North America as well as many shopping opportunities all around the city.

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Also, you’ll find many coworking spaces to meet fellow expats and that’s a great point, especially if you don’t speak Spanish to hang out with locals.

Lastly, from your high-end co*cktail bars to the best Japanese food in town, you’ll never run out of options when it comes to nightlife. There are so many diverse spots from authentic mezcalerías to nightclubs!

Whether you’re looking for some good tacos from the streetside stand on sight or need an excellent spot where everyone can dance all night long and eat, Mexico City has something for everyone.

Best Months to Travel to Mexico City

The optimum time to visit Mexico City is between March and May, despite the fact that the crowds are pretty numerous at that time of year. The trade-off is lovely weather, especially given the city’s winters can be chilly and rainy seasons.

Average Cost of Living in Mexico City

According to a report by Wise, the average monthly cost per person is 18,000MXN which translates to about $900. A meal at an inexpensive restaurant is around 150MXN, or $7. The monthly rent will cost you anything between $400 and $1,000, depending on the area.

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Pros and Cons of Living in Mexico City

Mexico’s capital is one of the largest and most populated cities in the world. It has a population of over 20 million people, which is more than Los Angeles or Bangkok. But there are some downsides to living in such a large city, even for a few months. Let me go through the pros and cons of living here.


  • Relatively high quality of life
  • Public hospitals are among the best in the country
  • Lots of digital nomads, which is great to meet new co-workers
  • Most people speak English, so you won’t have to learn Spanish if you don’t want to
  • Living here is pretty cheap with lots of street food available and affordable apartments


  • Air quality isn’t the best due to pollution
  • While it’s easy to get around, you’ll normally take a flight to go on a weekend trip
  • Traffic can be an inconvenience – be prepared to spend even three hours to get to your destination!

Working Remotely From Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, often referred to as Playa, is located about 45 minutes south of Cancun International Airport. This beach town is a hotspot for vacationers, retirees, and other expats.

It has a solid infrastructure with plenty of shopping malls, cafes that serve up delicious ice cream sandwiches along with other mouth-watering treats like fresh fruit popsicles on hot days.

There are also some coworking spaces around where you can work for hours alongside other foreigners. Everyone speaks English in this interesting blend between beach town, resort town, and city. As a matter of fact, there are many English teachers here and it’s a great spot if you’re looking for a job.

The beaches here are stunning and this is an outstanding spot to find inspiration, whether you’re a freelance writer, an English teacher, or any other job, for that matter.

All things considered, Playa is a cool place to visit if you want some sunshine, the ocean, the social scene, or to manage your business our of the States or Canada.

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Best Months to Travel to Playa del Carmen

The ideal time to go to Playa del Carmen is between April and May when beaches are less crowded. Day temperatures are generally between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, gradually decreasing in the evenings. The climate is frequently dry and mild from October through March.

Average Cost of Living in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is relatively cheap compared to other parts of the country. According to Numbeo, the average cost of a meal at a cheap restaurant is 90MXN or $4.50 while you can have a meal at a fine dining restaurant for about 500MXN, or $25.

Also, the cost of a taxi, let’s say to go to the coworking space or downtown is 55MXN per kilometer, or $2.70.

Pros and Cons of Living in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and life is good here to spend two weeks or two months. But, managing your company here means sharing the city with many other foreigners. Here are the pros and cons.


  • English Fluency
  • Fast and reliable internet
  • The nice weather all year round
  • Lots of other expats, some even with their family
  • Fantastic weekend trips to Tulum, Cozumel, and more


  • Many fellow expats and foreigners you must share your space with
  • The US culture here is omnipresent which can be a deal-breaker for some
  • It’s always hot in Playa del Carmen – the average temperature is 90 degrees (32°C)

Working Remotely in Cancun

People often think about moving to Cancun because of the great weather and beaches. And, in fact, Cancun is home of to some of the most beautiful sights in Mexico. Cancun is also a safe place with an international airport, making it easy to travel to other countries if you need to.

Apart from that, one of the best things about managing your business from Cancun is the weather. The average temperature is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit (28°C), which is perfect for those who love the sun and sand.

However, there are many other things to consider before making the move. The cost of living in Cancun is relatively high, especially if you are used to living in a developed country and if you’re an expat with family.

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Best Months to Travel to Cancun

The best time to visit Cancun is during the peak season, which is December through April. Even though the crowds are greater, you’ll be able to enjoy nearly ideal weather, and bargain flight and room rates for a winter holiday at the beach.

Average Cost of Living in Cancun

According to Numbeo, the average monthly cost of living in Cancun is about $520. The rent for a month will cost you between $400 and $700. Eating out is also reasonable and you can eat a full meal for as low as $10.

What I love about Cancun is that there are many shops and convenience stores around to save money. Talking about it, before traveling to Cancun, consider all money tips for Mexico as you’ll get to save lots.

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Pros and Cons of Living in Cancun

Cancun is one of the most famous travel destination in Mexico for its beautiful beaches and Caribbean culture. For many people, it’s the perfect place to live, work remotely, and even find a job for native English speakers. Let’s dive into the pros and cons.


  • The nightlife is great
  • Lots of incredible beaches in town and outside
  • There’s an immigration office to extend your visa
  • It’s easy to work and manage your company here
  • Most locals speak English so speaking Spanish isn’t a must
  • Cancun International Airport is near if you need to leave Mexico
  • Many nomads and expats – so many paid employment and network opportunities


  • Cancun is more of a holiday town than a digital nomad hub
  • If you’re looking for an authentic Mexican experience, Cancun isn’t the place
  • You need to share your space with many other foreigners, no matter the time of the year

Working Remotely From Oaxaca City

There are many things to love about working remotely in Oaxaca. The people are friendly and welcoming, the food is delicious, and the culture is rich and vibrant. Oaxaca is also a beautiful place, with lush green hillsides and stunning colonial architecture.

One of the best things about living in Oaxaca is the cost of living, even for expats. Compared to places like Tulum or Playa del Carmen, the cost of living in Oaxaca is incredibly low.

You can live a comfortable life here on a modest budget, even when staying in Oaxaca hotels with pools.

Apart from that, Oaxaca is located in the heart of Mexico, which means that it’s easy to travel to other parts of the country.

Whether you want to explore the ancient ruins of the Maya civilization, enjoy the beaches down in Puerto Escondido, you can do it all from Oaxaca.

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Average Cost of Living in Oaxaca City

As mentioned previously, Oaxaca is very cheap and you can eat out for a few bucks at a local restaurant. A monthly rent won’t cost you more than $500, and a taxi will charge you on average $0,50 per kilometer.

In plain words, regardless if you have an online job or teaching English in a school, Oaxaca is a great and affordable place to live.

Best Months to Travel to Oaxaca City

The months of April to May and September to October are the best times to go to Oaxaca. Spring and fall have comfortable temperatures and fewer visitors. Between June and August, as well as the holiday season between mid-December and early January, peak season is defined by high season.

During this time, you’ll be able to enjoy all the best things to do in Oaxaca City, and that is priceless!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Oaxaca City

There are many pros and cons to consider when living in Oaxaca City. With many cultural and historical attractions to enjoy after your shift and great restaurants and bars on every corner, you’ll have a lovely time. On the other hand, there are some downsides to living in Oaxaca City such as smaller community of expats. But let me tell you more about it.


  • Pleasant weather all year round
  • The food will easily get you addicted
  • Costs of living compared to CDMX or PDC is low
  • The architecture is among the most diverse in Mexico


  • Fewer expats and digital nomads
  • The infrastructures aren’t as modern as other parts of the country
  • Not many companies to find a job here if you want to live here permanently
  • Not everyone speak English and you may require Spanish to live here long-term
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Working Remotely in Tulum

Tulum, Mexico is a destination for people who want their experience to be different from the norm. With higher-end amenities than other Mexican destinations and a reputation as an easy place to meet like-minded people, Tulum has something that appeals to everyone.

You’ll find beautiful beaches with Instagram-worthy spots at every turn in this bougie paradise on the Caribbean coast of Central America.

Tulum’s natural wonders are worth exploring too; you can explore ancient ruins such as Chichen Itza or Cozumel Island.

When you visit Tulum, it offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of a busy city. There are beautiful beaches to relax on all day as well as many other activities for those who want something more active than just relaxing by the pool. However, this retreat does not come cheap.

One month’s rent can easily get up to $1,000 USD with prices that could rival some places in the States or Canada in terms of cost-of-living expenses.

Tulum has many great cafes to work at as well as co-working spaces for digital nomads for both locals and foreigners.

That’s not all – you’ll find many resorts in Tulum for both couples and solo travelers, which is a massive plus!

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Best Months to Travel to Tulum

The optimum time to go to Tulum is between November and December. You’ll get the benefit of post-hurricane-season winds, as well as bargain hotel rates.

Average Cost of Living in Tulum

According to Nomad List, the average cost of a coworking space in Tulum is $52 per month while your average meal is about $6.50. While they rate the average cost of a nomad in Tulum to be over $2100, it can definitely be cheaper. In fact, the average living costs for an expat in Tulum are $1481.

Obviously, you will want to plan a little more if you take some of the stunning day trips from Tulum, which I highly recommend.

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Pros and Cons of Living in Tulum


  • Stunning beaches!
  • Many expats so you won’t need to learn a foreign language
  • Not a lot of tourists which you’ll appreciate as a digital nomad
  • The wellness community here is big with yoga and meditation classes


  • Pretty expensive
  • You won’t get a typical Mexican experience
  • Not as walkable as Cancun and Playa del Carmen

Working Remotely From Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido is a gem of a town in Mexico, but it’s not for those looking to be pampered. If you are seeking an adventure or like eating healthy and drinking fresh juice every day, then this might be the place for you!

Puerto Escondido is an under-the-radar destination for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of their everyday life. With a laid-back vibe, this coastal town boasts some amazing beaches that are perfect at any time of year. Also, you’ll find 3 coworking spaces to get things done.

However, for all the ones looking to work remotely from Mexico, you should know that the internet here is definitely an issue for some jobs. In fact, if you have a CS job handling customer issues on the phone, it won’t be stable enough and surely not the fastest in Mexico.

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Best Months to Travel to Puerto Escondido

Temperatures in Puerto Escondido are evenly split between hot and cold. Temperatures feel warm all year because of the humidity, with a virtually nil chance of rain throughout the year. If you’re searching for the hottest time, May, June, and July are the hottest months.

Average Cost of Living in Puerto Escondido

The typical cost of living in Puerto Escondido is cheap and you can get around with a few hundred dollars a month. The average cost for a meal at a local restaurant or market is about $4 and you can stretch it to around $20 for nicer places.

Coffee shops to work at in Puerto Escondido are generally very affordable and coworking spaces like Hostel Selina will set you back $10 per day.

Pros and Cons of Living in Puerto Escondido


  • Laid-back place
  • Massive and stunning beaches
  • More and more expats coming to work here
  • You’ll find here delicious and cheap food from all around the world


  • It can be tricky to find good hotels at an affordable price
  • Healthcare isn’t the best, even if you have health insurance
  • Don’t expect to find the most productive work environment
  • Reliable and fast WiFi is surely an issue – Get a Mexican SIM card and hotspot with your mobile

As an expert in remote work and digital nomadism, I've had extensive experience navigating the challenges and opportunities associated with working abroad. I've successfully managed various remote jobs, understanding the intricacies of different locations, visa regulations, and the overall lifestyle that comes with being a digital nomad.

Now, let's delve into the concepts covered in the provided article about working remotely in Mexico:

Working Remotely in Mexico

  • Overview: The article discusses the increasing ease of working from abroad, specifically in Mexico, due to the rise of remote jobs and online work.

  • Visa Information:

    • Temporary Resident Visa: While Mexico doesn't have a specific remote working visa, it allows foreign citizens to enter on a six-month visa with minimal residency criteria. Those intending to stay longer can apply for a temporary residence visa.
  • Working Remotely as a US Employee:

    • US citizens can work for US companies while living abroad, complying with local visa regulations. They continue to pay taxes in the US and can work outside their home country if in good standing with their employer.
  • Best Places to Work in Mexico:

    • The article highlights popular destinations for digital nomads in Mexico, including Tulum, Mexico City, Oaxaca City, Playa del Carmen, Cancun, and Puerto Escondido.

Specific Locations in Mexico:

Mexico City (CDMX)

  • Best Months to Travel: March to May.
  • Cost of Living: Average monthly cost per person is 18,000 MXN (about $900).
  • Pros and Cons: High quality of life, public hospitals, diverse culture, but air quality concerns and traffic inconveniences.

Playa del Carmen

  • Best Months to Travel: April to May.
  • Cost of Living: Relatively cheap, with a meal at a cheap restaurant costing around 90 MXN (about $4.50).
  • Pros and Cons: English fluency, fast internet, and a vibrant social scene, but a high presence of fellow expats.


  • Best Months to Travel: December to April.
  • Cost of Living: Average monthly cost is about $520.
  • Pros and Cons: Great nightlife, beautiful beaches, but more of a holiday town and a significant expat community.

Oaxaca City

  • Best Months to Travel: April to May and September to October.
  • Cost of Living: Very affordable, with meals at local restaurants costing a few dollars.
  • Pros and Cons: Pleasant weather, low cost of living, but fewer expats and less modern infrastructure.


  • Best Months to Travel: November to December.
  • Cost of Living: Average cost of a nomad is over $2100, but living costs for an expat are around $1481.
  • Pros and Cons: Stunning beaches, a large expat community, but relatively expensive and less walkable.

Puerto Escondido

  • Best Months to Travel: May, June, and July.
  • Cost of Living: Generally cheap, with a meal at a local restaurant costing about $4.
  • Pros and Cons: Laid-back atmosphere, massive beaches, but challenges with finding good hotels, healthcare, and reliable WiFi.

This comprehensive guide provides valuable insights for anyone considering remote work in Mexico, covering visa details, cost of living, and pros and cons of various locations.

Your Full Guide to Work Remotely From Mexico - Tricks and Trips (2024)
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